First step: win a national selection process!

The selection procedure is organised by the European Parliament Liaison Offices and may vary according to your Member State. Both applicant and former Member States of the EU are eligible to take part. If you wish to apply and receive more information on the selection procedure and travel costs reimbursement, please contact your local Liaison Office.

Unfortunately, if you are not selected, you will have to reapply in the next edition. However, there is a chance to participate online. Get in touch with the Euroscola organisers.

But first, find out your country in our list if you wish to participate in the selection:

Second step: registration

Once your school has won the national competition, you can register for the event. To validate the participation of all students, we kindly ask teachers to send a registration form to their parents via the link we will provide in the confirmation email. Each and every participant will thus have access to the EU Survey platform and will be guided through the steps to complete their registration. The whole process is straightforward and takes just a few minutes. Follow our Guidelines on How to register on EU Survey. If you have any questions, check out the frequently asked questions.  

Third step: Do your homeworks before the big day!

To fully enjoy the Euroscola program, students must be familiarised with the basics of how the European Union works and the policies that they will be debating in the workshops. You don't have to be an expert but knowing a few things in advance will make you feel more comfortable and enjoy the experience as what you will be: a true MEP! Take a look at the Youth Ideas Platform, where participants can also find useful resources to prepare for the event. This helps to create output based on the desires of young people for the future of the EU, in line with the decision of the working group on the Conference on the Future of Europe. 

President of the Parliament Roberta Metsola during a Euroscola session