Previous editions of Euroscola

Since the launch of the project in 1990, hundreds of thousands of students have spent one day in the premises of the European Parliament, debating, discussing and exchanging views with colleagues in the form of a multilingual European Youth Parliament.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled all 12 on-site sessions due to take place since March 2020 and proposed online sessions, to enable students and teachers alike to take part in the Euroscola programme remotely while retaining its educational and interactive nature focused on EU issues.

Euroscola Online was born.

The two new defining elements of Euroscola Online consist of an exchange with a Vice President of the European Parliament during a Q&A session and the “Innovation Lab”, a laboratory for sharing young participants’ ideas on a European policy area with topic experts.

With the establishment of Interactio as a live-streaming and interactive video platform and the possibility to submit written contribution via Slido, Euroscola acts as a first step to including online participants in future live events. This will increase the number of participants by up to 2000 for each event, in addition to around 500/600 students invited to participate from the hemicycle in Strasbourg.