Euroscola combines both in-person attendance, directly in the European Parliament’s hemicycle in Strasbourg and online, via live-stream and interactive online platforms.

The morning programme of Euroscola includes an official opening by the President of the Parliament, a Q&A session with an Vice-President, and an "Innovation Lab" where students share their ideas with a European Parliament expert on the topic of the session, which will be put to a final vote. Special guests may also be invited. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, via live video on Interactio for online students,  directly in the hemycycle for students present in the European Parliament in Starsbourg or in written form via Slido for all types of attendees. Students are also invited to create a short video with a question beforehand, which will be broadcast on the day of the event. The session lasts 2 hours.

The afternoon programme will only be offered to face-to-face participants. This part will be dedicated to a simulation game on the legislative procedure of the European Union.

Check out the programme and further details to make the most of your Euroscola experience!

Programme 21/10/22 Download the programme of the session 21/10/22 Programme 15/11/22 Download the programme 15/11/22


Euroscola works with topics related to the Conference on the Future of Europe, providing young Europeans with the tools to actively shape their future. For each session, topics will be selected according to the proven interests of European citizens. It is strongly recommended that these topics are prepared in class in advance.